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About Me

Kristen Bergman

We all know how powerful WORDS are.
They can encourage, add comfort, motivate and inspire.
What I have found in
Uppercase Living is an awesome way to use the power of language to express yourself and fill your spaces with sayings that will bring joy to your every day life.
Once you see the endless possibilities our designs provide, you will be AMAZED!
Whether you want to decorate your own home, earn free product, or are interested in learning how you can make money sharing UL with others, I'm here to help you!

At Uppercase Living, our mission is to uplift, inspire, and bless the lives of others on a daily basis.

We offer a wide variety of vinyl lettering expressions and embellishments that will touch hearts, build character, create joy, and foster greatness.

Uppercase Living believes that everyone needs some inspiration! Whether it’s a beautiful saying on a living room wall, embellishments to liven up a child’s room, or a fun kitchen expression — may you discover the joy of transforming your living areas and sharing your unique personality through our products.

Live a life inspired!